2018 Grain Policies

2018 Storage & Drying Rates

2018 Soybean Program

Grain Check Policy

All grain check requests will be processed through our grain accountant at our Stewartville location. Checks can either be mailed or picked by the customer at any open location after 10:00 am the following business day. No checks will be cut until requested.

 Deferring Grain Checks Policy

  1. The intent to defer will be made known at the time of delivery of the grain or when the stored grain is sold. Once a check is issued for the grain, we will not void the check and do a deferred payment contract.
  2. Once the deferred payment contract is made, it cannot be voided or cancelled. We will not void a deferred contract and make payment prior to the deferred date.  The only amendment we will make to a deferred payment contract would be to extend the payment date out further.
  3. Contracts should be signed as soon as possible to protect all parties involved.

We want you to know that these contracts are binding and we will hold patrons to them. There are tax consequences if we make exceptions for anyone. We recommend that you consult with your tax advisor early and make sure you understand our policy before entering into a deferred payment contract.

 It is VERY important that you communicate your desire to have payments of contracts or cash sales deferred until January 2, 2019 AS YOU DELIVER EACH LOAD OF GRAIN so that scale tickets for these loads can be applied correctly at the time of delivery.

Direct Deposit

We encourage all of our grain customers to consider having your grain checks directly deposited into your bank accounts.  The direct deposit option will be processed through the Stewartville office to protect the customers’ privacy and security. This option can be so beneficial to you. It can save you a trip to town and you can have your money in your bank account. Please consider the direct deposit option and let’s get all of your account information recorded prior to harvest.

E-mail Settlements and Contracts

We can e-mail your grain settlement sheets as we process your grain settlements. This service gives you the opportunity to receive your grain settlement sheets as they occur and you will then have an electronic record of your grain settlements for your files. We also offer a direct email option for your grain contracts. This also give you an electronic file for your records and eliminates the delay in relying on the mail services. A current e-mail address is required.

Please contact Todd Stockdale or Chrissy Vrieze if you have any questions about any of the policies that we have listed above. (507) 533-4222 or

Thank you for helping us help you make the harvest season go smoothly. Have a safe harvest!

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