Answer Plot Wrap-Up

The third Answer Plot Session of the season was held at the Elgin Progressive Ag Center plot on Wednesday September 2nd. The Winfield presenters shared a variety of information covering what major conditions and trends we have seen throughout the growing season in corn and soybeans. The 2015 growing season has been wet, with rain fall amounts already reaching above the growing season averages normally seen in South Eastern Minnesota. These growing conditions have been the optimum for disease, weed, and insect pressure in corn and soybeans. Although the time has passed to act upon most of these crop stressors, the Winfield Answer Plot coaches highly encourage growers to take the time now and evaluate fields in order to identify these areas for future management. Some management tools covered were; placing sticky traps in/near fields to evaluate insects such as Western and Northern Corn Root Worm in corn fields and using the R7 tool to pinpoint stressed areas of fields for direct evaluation possible disease, weeds, insects or nutrient deficiencies.

Answer Plot Sessions are a great hands on experience for growers as Winfield Coaches highly encourage group interaction during the tour of the plot. The Winfield Answer Plots allow for growers to see firsthand how products are performing and come away with new information and ideas of how to apply these tools to their specific operation for enhanced management.




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