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Due to the merger of All American Co-op and Progressive Ag Center, LLC at the end of June, end of the year statements need to be handled differently this year.  Any invoices from Progressive Ag Center, LLC that were not paid by the end of June were rolled from Progressive Ag Center, LLC to All American Co-op. These unpaid invoices will show up on both the All American Co-op end of year statement and the Progressive Ag Center, LLC year end statement. If you have feed or grain AND agronomy products purchased from us, please request an end of year statement from us.  The office staff in Stewartville have been looking at all statements to ensure accurate information goes out to you, our customers.  Any statements printed from the website may be inaccurate.  To request an end of year statement please call (507) 533-4222 and ask for Nicole Rowley, or email your request to

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patronage.

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