Corn Silage Burn Down Days September 7th

AUGUST 24, 2018 at Elgin Agronomy Center,
27594 County Road 25,  Elgin, MN 55932

SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 at Stewartville Seed Shed,
113 4th St SE, Stewartville, MN 55976

Sample Testing Each Day from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Lunch will be served

  • This is an opportunity for area growers to Pre-Test your silage corn samples to determine the proper timing of silage harvest.
  • Submit a 3-4 stalk sample for each field or variety that you want to test
  • Dairyland Labs will be on site both days performing NIR testing for faster results for you!
  • Event Specials on Forage Inoculants! Harvest & Store the BEST quality forages possible using CHR Hansen Silage Inoculants
  • No Time to Join Us for Lunch? Give us your email or phone number and we will send you your test results
  • What’s Your Wild Yeast Count??? We can send in your corn samples to test for wild yeast and help you plan ahead for harvest and yeast control.

Want to know more? Contact Us Today!
Stewartville (507) 533-4222
Plainview (507) 534-3147
Elgin (507) 876-2222




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