Collaboration for Forage Success!

with Jesse Fox and Veiths Custom Choppers, Goodhue, MN

Why is harvesting quality forage such a big deal? “Producers are making a huge investment in variety selection, fertilizer application, and crop protection choices to get the crop to the finish line. When our crew pulls into their field, we want to make sure that the producer’s investment is getting utilized 100%. The prize is a consistent, quality feed source for their herd.” These are the words shared by Jesse Fox from Veiths Custom Choppers out of Goodhue, MN. Jesse adds that “A producer wouldn’t leave 25% of their corn or soybean crop in the field at harvest time, I approach forage processing with the same mindset.”

Jesse has been in the trucking and custom chopping business for 20 years. Veiths Custom Choppers cover about 4,000 acres of hay ground and 1,200 acres of corn ground each year serving about 25 customers in the Goodhue area. Jesse and his crew strive to get the best quality forage harvested for their customers by offering a full service chopping, hauling, packing, and covering service.

Jesse takes quality forage harvesting seriously. Jesse says “I want to help my customers harvest and store the best quality feed product possible. My goal is to have 100% use of the finished product. I want everything we put in the bunker to be consistent, high quality, useable feed.” Jesse says that the biggest hurdle to achieve this level of forage quality is to change our mindset to consider new products & technology. He acknowledges that every year has its own unique challenges, which is why it is so important that processing and fermentation work together.

When discussing inoculants and fermentation products with his customers, Jesse likes to put it like this; “Using the best processing equipment with poor (or no) inoculants equals poor feed. Using poor processing equipment with the best inoculants still equals poor feed. The winning combination is to offer the best processing equipment with the best inoculants to achieve high quality, consistent feed supplies”.

Three years ago Jesse began working with Callie Courtney, Forage Specialist at All American Co-op. Jesse says bringing Callie and the Chr Hansen product line-up to his producers has taken forage quality to a new level for his customers. When asked what helps seal the deal for Jesse and his customers, he says “The data and insight provided thru Chr Hansen have proven to me and my producers that investing in quality forage inoculants pays for itself in milk production, feed efficiencies, milk components, and herd health. Once a producer sees this added value, they will tell you they will never go back to where they were before using inoculants.”

“The service that Callie Courtney and Chr Hansen bring to me and my customers is second to none! The streamlined, quick, accurate responses Callie Courtney; along with Kory Duerst from Chr Hansen, provide is excellent product support that brings exceptional value to me and my customers.” The Chr Hansen package of analysis and reports is something that is unique, bringing valuable information back to the producer and the Veiths crew. “The in-field shaker box test Callie does as we open a new field is precise testing that allows me to make fine-tuned adjustments to our equipment if necessary, to ensure that the forage processing and over-all chop length is where it needs to be for each field, variety, and type of forage we are processing”

The partnership between Callie Courtney and Jesse Fox is a collaboration that has raised the bar in forage quality and analysis for the customers of Veiths Custom Choppers. The Chr Hansen line of forage inoculants is the leading edge in providing more than just a quality forage fermentation system. The partnership between All American Co-op and Chr Hansen brings a team of experts to the farm that take the time to help each producer get the best quality forage products harvested and stored. The results lead to improved herd health, increased milk production, improved milk components, and less waste of forage feed products. All of these are what Jesse Fox and the team at Veiths Custom Choppers is proud to be associated with by partnering with Callie Courtney and All American Co-op.

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