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All American Co-op will remain open but close their doors to foot traffic starting Thursday

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues we find ourselves in unprecedented situations as we try to understand the rapidly changing dynamics. All American Co-op recognizes the uncertainty and growing scale of the situation can create concerns for yourself and your family’s well-being. We feel in times like these, communication is critical. For the most up-to-date information, please continue to monitor this page. We will continue to communicate business changes or information for customers as the pandemic continues to evolve.

03/18/20 UPDATE

All American Co-op apologizes for the inconvenience but remains strong in our strategy to fight the spread of COVID-19. In order to manage our risk, keep our employees, patrons, and their families safe, and provide the best service to our customers this spring, we have closed our doors to walk-in business to limit exposure to the virus. We are actively taking steps to follow CDC guidelines while conducting business, which included limiting face-to-face contact and working through email or phone when possible. We ask that you follow these procedures in order to reach us inside any of our locations:

  • Stewartville: 507-533-4222 or
  • Elgin Grain/Feed: 507-876-2222
  • Elgin Agronomy: 507-871-3740
  • Plainview: 507-534-3147
  • St. Charles: 507-932-4732
  • Kellogg: 507-737-3275
  1. Call or email bag feed or other product orders prior to pick-up. We ask for a 1-hour buffer to accommodate your requests and get them staged for pick-up. For same-day pick-up, please order by 4 p.m.
  2. Please call when you arrive at the dock to pick up your order (or ring the bell) and return to your vehicle. Bulk pick-up procedures will not be changing.
  3. Please remain in your vehicle. Our team will inform you when your order is loaded—we will provide you with a ticket attached to your order.
  4. If you do not have a charge account set up with us, we will only be accepting exact cash amounts or checks made out to ALL AMERICAN CO-OP.
  5. If you are a customer that usually picks up a hard copy of your grain check, your check will be in the mail. Please call the Stewartville office at 507-533-4222 with questions.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email if you have questions or need to discuss a specific accommodation. You can find contact information for specific salesmen or other employees by navigating to our department pages.

Our #1 goal is to keep everyone safe.

As of 03/18/20, our Viola location will be temporarily closed to shift personnel needs. We plan to reopen this location when planting is complete this spring. Questions or concerns can be directed to the following individuals:

Glenn Lutteke, General Manager (507-533-4222 or
Todd Stockdale, Grain Department Manager (507-438-8535 or
Todd Vehrenkamp, Elgin Grain Lead (507-259-2158 or
Dave Johnson, Viola Operations/Customer Service (507-259-6419)

For the most up-to-date information, please continue to monitor this page.

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