December Message from the General Manager

Message from Glenn
Glenn Lutteke, General Manager

Our fall season is complete, and the holiday season is on our doorstep. Reflecting back on this fall we had a long drawn-out fall season. Weather played a huge factor with the rain in October and below normal cold in November freezing the ground earlier than normal. The lack of normal fall tillage, I feel, will be a concern come spring. But, this falls under the “worry about that later” problem. I want to thank all our employees for stepping up this fall to get the work done. All divisions were committed to serving our growers, and it showed.
Our annual meeting was November 15th. Here are a few highlights from this year’s fiscal year end:

Sales $68,509,924
Local Net $1,196,112 (down $15,607 from 2017)
Net Margin $1,319,849 (down $339,973 from 2017)
Grain Sales Volume Corn 5,056,197 Bu (down 152,273 bushels from 2017)
Beans 1,424,707 Bu (up 25,056 bushels from 2017)
Oats 50,690 Bu (down 7,540 bushels from 2017)
Feed Volume Feed sold 21,275 Tons (down 3,342 tons from 2017)
Roasted Beans 2,741 Tons (down 648 tons from 2017)
Agronomy Volume NH3 3,007 Tons (down 363 tons from 2017)
Dry Fertilizer 27,928 Tons (up 198 tons from 2017)
Liquid Fertilizer 6,030 Tons (up 538 tons from 2017)

With low commodity, milk, livestock and poultry prices agriculture is stressed right now. All phases are looking for revenue. This really affects our co-op also. That is why we all need to feel good about the fiscal year we had in 2018. We are already almost six months into fiscal 2019, and it presents new challenges. The take away is we must watch our costs and look for areas of revenue to grow our co-op in all divisions. The co-ops who are committed to grow and be efficient will weather the present ag economy the best. We just have to help ourselves. This includes everybody on our team.
The holiday season is here!! My Christmas wish for all employees is to please spend time with family and friends during this holiday season. Memories can never be taken away from us. Have a safe and merry Christmas!


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