Fall Harvest Message Service

If you would like to receive harvest hours and location updates from All American Co-op please send your contact info to Chrissy Vrieze at our Stewartville office.
Chrissy Vrieze
Grain Accountant
(507) 533-4222

We will send you messages to let you know what our weekend hours will be, if there are any changes due to weather, and if there are any other announcements that are pertinent to  keeping the harvest season rolling.  Chrissy will need the following information from you get get you added to the list for our Fall Harvest Message Service.

First Name, Last Name, Cell Phone #, Email Address, and Cell Phone Carrier.

By submitting this form, you are granting: All American Co-op permission to message you. You may unsubscribe by responding STOP to any message at any time. For questions, please contact Chrissy Vrieze at (507) 533-4222 or

Here are some other Grain Services to consider!

  • We encourage the use of our automated offer system to place offers on grain so that your offers can automatically be accepted if the market trades to your goals during day or night trade.
  • We also encourage you to set up your own e-AgVantage accounts to monitor your All American accounts during harvest. More Patrons are also moving to direct deposit of their grain checks. We are also moving to a direct email option for your grain contracts. Contact Chrissy Vrieze at our Stewartville office for the details.
  • We need to know at the time of delivery whether the grain deposited is to be stored or sold. There is no grace period for the decision. Please let us or your driver know your intentions before delivery. We have nice large printed cards for you to use to let the scale attendants know what you intend to do with your loads.

If you have questions or need assistance with any of these please feel free to contact Chrissy Vrieze, our grain accountant. Chrissy is well versed in everything our grain department has to offer to help you stay informed during the busy harvest season!

Chrissy Vrieze
Grain Accountant
(507) 533-4222

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