Fall Harvest Safety-Keep Our Employees Safe

Tyler Carrigan, Safety Director (507) 272-2109

Personal Protective Equipment

Dust masks are available for employees to use to prevent inhaling nuisance dust
Ear plugs are available for loud areas

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance (PM) is critical to keeping equipment running smoothly and avoiding breakdowns that lead to delays.  By now most of the PM work should be complete and logged.  Areas that are critical include the bucket elevators and conveyors


Dust generation during harvest will increase due to full equipment utilization.  It is important to keep dust below 1/8” to prevent grain dust explosions.

Priority areas need to be swept on a regular basis and the cleaning documented.

Air should not be used for cleaning an area because it can suspend dust.  There are well defined procedures for using air to clean.  Do not use air to clean until you fully understand the hazards and requirements for controlling the hazards.  A permit is also needed and all information can be found in the Grain Handling Safety Binder

Vehicle Traffic

The potential to be struck or have a foot ran over increases with the number of loads brought in.  All workers need to be wearing Class II yellow clothing with the reflective stripes.  The bright colors and reflective stripes help the truck drivers see where an employee is located.

All workers need to get confirmation from the driver before crossing in front of or behind a vehicle.

Seasonal Workers

Seasonal Workers are critical to the success of our grain operation in the fall.  They also bring an added level of risk since they do not work for us year-round.  Set a good example for these workers everyday by adhering to all safety requirements and make yourself available to answer any questions the seasonal worker may have.

Let’s have a safe and bountiful harvest.
Do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.
Tyler Carrigan, Safety Director

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