Feed Department Notes

Feed department notes
Brent Vorpagel, Feed Department Manager

Christmas and New Year’s Day are fast approaching. This means back to back short work weeks for the feed department. While we welcome the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends it does make for some challenges to get ingredients in, feed made and feed delivered out to our customers. Please take a few minutes to remind customers that we will not be delivering feed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. This means we will have 4 consecutive days that we will not be delivering feed starting the weekend before Christmas through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Remind customers of the days we are not delivering and encourage them to order feed early to help us be able to get all our customers taken care of. Just a reminder that Friday, December 14th is the last day of our winter tub and mineral booking program. Also our silage inoculant booking is going on through Friday, December 28th. Please make sure to follow up with customers and prospects on these two opportunities as they are a great chance for our customers to help the bottom line of their operation.

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