Introducing Farmers Thrive – Support Service Available to Producers

We would like to make you aware of Farmers Thrive, an ongoing support service available for producer members of All American Co-op who are eligible for the Land O’Lakes Cooperative Farmer Member Health Plan administered through Gravie.

Producers, now more than ever, are dealing with a multitude of stressors in their lives. COVID-19 presents a brand-new set of challenges and struggles. And farming overall has been very difficult these past few years. We all know and see the financial burden producers and their families live with on a day-to-day basis. We also know the impact all of this has on  mental health.

Recognizing this, Land O’Lakes and Gravie has partnered with BHS to offer Farmers Thrive, a cost free, confidential resource for farmers and their household members to help them through a wide array of life challenges. With Farmers Thrive, producers can connect with a care coordinator 24/7 by phone, live chat, or secure message through the BHS portal. Producers can also take advantage of new content and resources specifically tailored to COVID-19.

Please see the attached flyer that details some of Farmers Thrive’s services.

Common reasons to use Farmers Thrive

  • Relationships:
    Professional, customers, friends, spouse/children
  • Transitions:
    Birth, death, health, illness, marriage/divorce
  • Risks:
    Burnout, anger, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse
  • Challenges:
    Daily responsibilities, financial, legal, parenting, stress, conflict

How it works
Step 1
Call 800.327.2251 and mention Land O’Lakes, your co-op, or Gravie. Alternatively, you can connect via live chat or secure form at, using username Gravie.
Step 2
Connect with a care coordinator, a Master’s level clinician, who will assess your needs, screen for emergencies, provide support, and serve as your advocate.
Step 3
Your care coordinator will work with you to create a plan for support and resolution.*

* If you require a referral for long-term treatment, costs may be incurred. These are often covered by your health insurance plan.

NOTE: Producers DO NOT need to be enrolled in the Land O’Lakes Cooperative Farmer Member Health Plan to take advantage of Farmers Thrive. They simply need to be an active producer member at All American Co-op.

Gravie Administrative Services LLC

PHONE 844.538.4690


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