MnDOT Releases Seasonal Load Limit Notification

Full-summer overweight permits start in the METRO, SOUTHEAST and SOUTH frost zones

Updated May 20, 2019

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will start issuing full-summer overweight permits in the METRO, SOUTHEAST and SOUTH frost zones Friday, May 24, 2019. Start and end dates are listed at

Press release from MnDOT  on  Monday, May 20

Full-summer overweight permits become available two to three weeks after spring load restrictions are lifted. MnDOT will report start and end dates on its 24-hour automated message center at 1-800-723-6543 for the U.S. and Canada, and locally at 651-366-5400 for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

For questions about legal axle weight during SLR; Gross Vehicle Weight Schedule, call:
Minnesota Department of Public Safety
State Patrol – Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

For questions about oversize/overweight loads/permitting call:
Minnesota Department of Transportation
Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations – Oversize/Overweight Permits
651-296-6000 or email

All changes are made with a minimum three calendar-day notice

See full PDF of release here.

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