On-site Flu Vaccination Opportunity

All American Co-op Employees and their families have the opportunity to hold on-site flu vaccinations provided by Walgreens. This opportunity comes to us as a participating co-op in the Land O’Lakes Member Cooperative Health Plan group. On-site flu vaccinations can be utilized by All American Co-op employees, spouses, and dependents who are 7 years of age or older. They are offering only the flu injection; flu mist is not available for on-site clinics through Walgreens.

Employees and their spouses/dependents that have health insurance through All American Co-op are covered 100% for the cost of the on-site flu vaccination. You will need your health insurance card from BCBS the day of the vaccination. Employees and spouses/dependent with health insurance coverage through other carriers should check their policy to determine coverage. Walgreens will be the provider of the service; you’ll want to see if they are an in-network provider, and whether flu vaccination is 100% covered preventive care per your policy.

We must guarantee a minimum of 25 vaccinations in order to schedule an on-site vaccination date. Please let Cheryl Simpson know by Friday, October 5th if you and/or your family would be interested. If there is enough interest Cheryl will work with Walgreens to get a date and location (or locations) set up.

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