On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Steve Yoch, Agronomy Sales (507) 951-8251

Every school day morning, when we are all a little drowsy, it seems to go a little like this with our 4 children.

Kids ask: “Where’s my school books?” “Where are my socks?”, “Where is my left shoe?”, etc.

Mindy and I respond: “Did you put your books in your back pack last night?”, “Did you lay out your socks last night?”, “Did you put your shoes together by the door last night?”, etc.

A little planning “the night before”, can make all the difference during the crunch time of our morning at home, or in your case and ours, the crunch time of spring.

Many of you have taken the time the past few months to sit down with your Agronomist to do field planning, maps, discuss herbicides, etc.  I thank you for that time you invested.  Spring will go much smoother for you and our agronomy team with less chance of error.  A field crop change as an example, can be done with a quick call or text if your field numbers and acres match the copy we have. A simple preparation step like this, can make a big difference when every minute counts. If you haven’t completed all your spring agronomy planning, give your agronomist a call and let us work with you so we can provide you with reliable and continuous service.

Safety. The part of spring that we all know is important, but sometimes gets put on the back burner when we are in a hurry.  I remember the day our John Deere 4440 and 4020 had the factory tiny, slippery and unsafe steps removed and after-market wider steps with handrails were installed.  My shins are forever indebted to that invention!  I would guess the slip to fall ratio of the old step vs the new one was 100 to 1!  Those new steps may just have well saved us from an injury in the spring. There is no rain cloud that will delay planting as much as a trip to the hospital to attend to an injury.  Take the time now to think about any added safety features on your equipment that need to get done before you are all busy planting.

Our family’s mornings will always have something that wasn’t completely taken care of the night before, but the more the kids seem to get done ahead of time the easier the morning rush is on all of us.

We will all be lining up at the start line of the Spring race shortly.  It will be “Go Time”!  Have a great spring and take the time to do it safely.  As always, Thank You for your business and let us know what we can do to help make your operation more successful.

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