They Have a Passion for What They Do!

Peter & Luke Boyum, Chatfield, MN

The Boyum family has been a valued customer of All American Co-op for over 30 years. They are a diversified farming operation located just south and east of Chatfield Minnesota. They run about 700 acres of cropland consisting of corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. They manage a gilt development barn contracted out of Missouri. They also have a 125 head beef cow herd. The home raised weaned calves go into their mono-slope to be finished. In addition to their home calves, they also purchase additional feeders to fill the remaining spaces where they finish out around 500 head a year.

The Boyum’s have been working with Stacy Hoffman for the past 6 years. “Stacy advises us on our rations for the cattle.” Says Peter. “She takes feed samples regularly and shares the results. If there are changes that need to be made to our rations, Stacy will make sure that we have the best balanced ration to ensure animal health, efficient rate of gain, and cost effective use of the feed inventories we have on hand.”

In 2015 the Boyum’s built a new mono-slope barn to house 400 head of fat cattle. Both Peter and Luke say that Stacy was a valuable player in the planning process of this building. “The information that we were able to gain from farm tours that Stacy arranged for us were invaluable.” Says Luke. “Stacy had the relationships with other growers that had facilities similar to what we were thinking about building. We were able to ask questions and gain connections with producers similar to us that were willing to share their ideas and answer questions that we had.”

2017 was a busy year for the Boyum’s, they formed PJ Boyum Farms, LLC and Stacy introduced Peter and Luke to Performance Beef thru Performance Livestock Analytics. The addition of this data management program has gained them 40 days less on feed consistently on each group, which equates to an overall ADG of between 4-5# per head per day. Stacy adds “Peter and Luke are exceptional managers. They want to make smart choices and are willing to invest in technology that helps them be more efficient. Their forage quality is an A+, they have very little shrink or waste. By adding the Performance Beef program, they are now able to know exactly how much feed ingredients are being fed to each group every day in every ration.” This not only has proven to be valuable to Peter & Luke when referring to group efficiencies, but it also has helped them look forward and make sound business decisions for future crops and investments for their entire farming operation.

Luke says, “The networking that All American Co-op offers us is priceless. We are able to participate in tours that help us with building designs, bunker planning, and continual access to improve our management practices. The VIP and Producer trips offered thru Purina Animal Nutrition are well worth the time away from the farm. We are gracious to be invited to attend and we always come home with something new that we have learned.”

Both Luke and Peter share that “The partnerships that Stacy brings to the farm are a valuable asset that we and our financers appreciate. We enjoy feeding cattle and the resources that Stacy, All American Co-op, and Purina Animal Nutrition have brought to the farm make it a profession that we look forward to passing along to the next generation of our family.”

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