Post Harvest Grain News

Post Harvest Grain News
Todd Stockdale, Grain Manager

There isn’t much for excitement for grain this time of year.  Harvest is over and the crews are doing after harvest deep cleaning and making lists of future repair and maintenance issues to be addressed.  Full time grain department personnel are moving and blending grain for shipping.  The centers and tops of all bins must be removed on a rotational basis.  I try to move a little grain out of all locations to aid them in their efforts to maintain quality.

The good weather, wide basis and unleaded fuel price have made it difficult to get the type of return from corn that I hope to achieve.  The ethanol plants are losing 10 to 20 cents per gallon they produce at these low fuel prices.   The basis isn’t narrowing enough for me to make large sales, and farmers are hauling in grain every day because the weather has been so nice. Just the opposite set of circumstances that a grain merchandiser would like to see.

Luke Prudoehl, Mitchell Crary, and Elias Grant have all been added as full time employees.  They will split their time between grain and agronomy duties as the seasons and work flow dictates.  I am glad they are willing to broaden the scope of their training and provide their services to both departments.

I am happy to report there were no missed work day injuries at any of the grain locations.  I want to thank all the grain department employees for welcoming Tyler Carrigan as safety director and working with him as he brings new methods to keep us all safe.  I also want to thank Tyler for pitching in and learning what our work encompasses so he can monitor and create safe and efficient procedures to aid us in providing a safe work environment.  I would also like to thank everyone that helped at our grain locations occasionally throughout the harvest season.

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