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Why Diversify?

Investment types rotate in and out of favor. Yesterday’s winners become tomorrow’s losers and today’s losers could eventually rise to the top and become winners once more. Some investors try to predict the future and some will be guess right some of the time. But for a lot of us, getting it right just once isn’t easy, let alone getting it right consistently, year after year.

Diversification—seeks to spread your investments among asset classes, sectors, and investment styles and may make it easier for you to achieve your long-term financial goals while seeking to minimize risk. With a diversified approach, you may miss out on the market’s best highs, but chances are you may also miss out on the market’s worst lows.

Successful investing isn’t always just a race to the top—sometimes what matters most is how you got there. When it comes to achieving your long-term investment goals, smooth and steady often yields better results when spreading your investments across a range of different categories.

While diversification cannot ensure a profit or protect against a loss in values of your investments in a declining market, asset allocation can provide an important framework for long – term investment success.

A great resource/investment selection option to assist participants with process – Investmap – is available under the Investments > Change Investments section of

Investmap is an age and risk-based automated, diversified investment allocation strategy tool using a selection of funds from the plan’s fund lineup that continually and gradually becomes more conservative as a participant approaches and continues through retirement. This a great one-step solution for those who prefer not to self-manage their investment strategy and the tool is offered at no additional cost to participants.

In addition to InvestMap, participants can also choose to diversify their investment portfolio by either selecting their own investment mix or considering our Professionally Managed Account option offered by Rockbridge Investment Management (

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