Yearend Grain Department Reminders

Reminders from the Grain Department:

Deferred payments will be ready to pick up in-person on Thursday, January 2nd. We will have them ready for distribution at the Stewartville, Elgin, and Viola locations. Please note that any Eyota customers will be able to pick up their checks in Viola. Checks will stay on-site through Friday, January 3rd and any checks not picked up will be put in the mail on Monday, January 6th. If you would like your check to stay on-site and not be put in the mail, please call the Stewartville office at 507-533-4222 before Friday, January 3rd.

Many customers do not know that we have the ability to set up a direct deposit. With direct deposit activated on your account, funds will be released to your account automatically on Thursday, January 2nd. To set up direct deposit, please give us a call in Stewartville by Monday, December 23rd.

You may need yearend reports for tax purposes. You can either be set up on our list to receive this information annually by mail, or you may call and have this information sent out by mail or email on demand. If you are on our list to receive yearend reports annually, they will be sent out on Tuesday, January 7th. This information will include any grain sales you have made in 2019, as well as any expenses you may have paid.

Lastly, if you have any questions about your deferred payment or end-of-year information, we invite you to contact us at the Stewartville office by phone at 507-533-4222 or email Chrissy Vrieze at

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