Board of Directors

Mike Heim
(507) 951-1882

Jim Klavetter
Vice President
(507) 273-4368

David Severson
(507) 533-6049

Eric Nigon
(507) 951-3781

Joe Horstmann
(507) 269-4303

All-American Co-op has come a long way from our humble beginnings as a local market to today’s complex offerings to our patrons. Our founders of the Farmer’s Elevator Company would be amazed at how their co-op has evolved. These visions sewed the seeds of our business today. We continue the quest to learn from our own history, to utilize our assets, listen to our patrons, adapt to changing markets, and expand our services to adapt to the industry.

By using the vision of our past Board of Directors and managers, we further All-American Co-op’s growth and evolution of our locally-owned and operated cooperative into the future. Being part of the centennial club of cooperatives in Minnesota is a true statement of success to everyone at All-American Co-op who has supported and participated in our growth. Our members recognize the value of the cooperative’s products, new listings and services, as well as the benefit to their community.

We want thank each and every one of our customers, vendors, and business associates that have helped us get to this point. All of you are important to the success of our cooperative. Let’s use the vision and structure that was used in the first 100 years to continue our quest for another 100 years.

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