Crop Protection

Protect Your Seed Investment

Seed is a large investment, and it is wise to guard that investment. All American Co-op offers today’s leading crop protection products to help keep yield robbers, like bugs and plant diseases, at bay. Branded products, generic products, strategic locations, and experts—All American Co-op has it all when it comes to crop protection.

  • All American Co-ophas a variety of different sources for crop protection
  • Fungicide
  • Dedicated helicopter service for aerial applications
  • We work with local canneries for peas, sweet corn, and edible beans


Turn to our agronomy experts for help determining your crop protection strategy.


Protect Your Turf

You no longer have to envy your neighbor’s perfect lawn. All American Co-op offers various lawn and turf management products, as well as pasture management products. Stop in to see how you can protect your turf today!

Guide to Lawn and Garden Products

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