Prepare Your Field’s Soil

Your field’s soil plays a key role in the success of your crop, which is why fertilizer is essential. All-American Co-op offers a wide range of fertilizer options to fit your unique needs at competitive prices that fit your budget.

  • Variable-rate applications, both in the spring and fall
  • Micro-nutrient foliar applications
  • Custom-blended fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and other options available
  • Tissue sampling and soil sampling

Hire us to apply fertilizer, and you’ll see our experienced staff using top-level equipment in your fields. We invest in our equipment fleet to provide you with timely, well-applied applications. Our equipment includes variable-rate airflow applicators, spinner and pull-type spreaders, heavy equipment and application equipment for both liquid and dry.


Lime to the rescue!

When the soil pH in your field is below the norm, your crops will suffer. Luckily, there is a fix—lime. All-American Co-op offers lime sourced from the best couriers in this region.

  • Conveyors are used to load the lime in order to keep quality.
  • We will truck it to your field as needed, just give us a call.
  • Our variable-rate and flat-rate lime applications are competitively priced.
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