Grain Department Overview

Smart Grain Marketing Solutions

As one of the largest farmer-owned grain facilities in southeast Minnesota, All American Co-op offers grain handling for corn, soybeans, and oats. We have four locations equipped to provide grain storage, drying, and marketing service to logistically meet your grain needs.

The All American Co-op grain locations have the following storage capacities:

  • Stewartville – 1.2 million bushels for soybeans and 2.75 million bushels for corn
  • Elgin – 330,000 bushels for soybeans and 2.45 million bushels for corn
  • Viola – 85,000 bushels for soybeans and 364,000 bushels for corn
  • Eyota – 225,000 bushels for corn

Total storage capacity at All American Co-op = 7,404,000 bushels

Being able to store your grain properly is important, but marketing is what will get the money back into your pockets. At All American Co-op, we offer the following services:

  • Grain marketing services
    • Cash bids
    • Fixed price contracts
    • Basis contracts
    • Hedge to Arrive contracts
    • Minimum price contracts
  • Grain handling services
    • Grain bank for feed use
    • Contracts for feed usage
    • Open storage
    • Warehouse receipts
    • On-farm grain pick up
  • Online services
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