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Smart Grain Marketing Solutions

As one of the largest farmer-owned grain facilities in southeast Minnesota, All-American Co-op offers grain handling for corn, soybeans, and oats. We have four locations equipped to provide grain storage, drying, and marketing service to logistically meet your grain needs.

The All-American Co-op grain locations have the following storage capacities:

  • Stewartville – 1.2 million bushels for soybeans and 2.75 million bushels for corn
  • Elgin – 330,000 bushels for soybeans and 2.45 million bushels for corn
  • Viola – 85,000 bushels for soybeans and 364,000 bushels for corn
  • Eyota – 225,000 bushels for corn

Total storage capacity at All-American Co-op = 7,404,000 bushels

Being able to store your grain properly is important, but marketing is what will get the money back into your pockets. At All-American Co-op, we offer the following services:

  • Grain marketing services
    • Cash bids
    • Fixed price contracts
    • Basis contracts
    • Hedge to Arrive contracts
    • Minimum price contracts
  • Grain handling services
    • Grain bank for feed use
    • Contracts for feed usage
    • Open storage
    • Warehouse receipts
    • On-farm grain pick up
  • Online services
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