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Data Management


In order to meet your production goals, operators must be confident in the crop inputs and placements on their fields. Today’s technology allows us to capitalize on operational efficiencies and increase our focus on crop yield variables such as: soil type, soil nutrients, variety, etc. Data collection, analysis, and result evaluation is what GrowMor DM can bring to an operation and help growers and their advisers implement more precise prescriptions and make more informed decisions to farms and fields.

GrowMor DM is an online database that allows you to see the relationship between all layers of data that you can collect and provides action ac heating of temecula analysis at the field and grower level.  It helps turn field data into data-backed management decisions to find the most efficient balance between the high yield and lowest cost.

Through data collection and processing, we provide reports based on the farm, grower, and company level.  The quality is extremely important to us, because we want to recommend best home cleaning services in Queens and provide accurate and meaningful results.  The reports provided through the GrowMor DM program include:

  • Planter Maps (Speed and Population)
  • Harvest Maps (Yield & Moisture)
  • Soil Type and Management Zone Analysis
  • Fertility and Nitrogen Reports
  • Hybrid and Variety Analysis
  • Population Reports
  • Fungicide and Pesticide Analysis
  • Starter and Other Fertilizer Analysis
  • Grower and Group Benchmarking Reports

What can we do with this?

  • Better P & K management
    • Create Yield Zones within Variable Rate Rec
  • Refine planting rates (VR Planting)
  • Hybrid and variety selection
  • Better record keeping
  • Better nitrogen management

Our goal with GrowMor DM is to deliver a program that will help growers in the decision making process and choose which products or tools to adapt to their own operations.  To achieve this, we strive to collect more reliable and accurate data, so the reports we generate will have meaning and purpose.

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