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All-American Co-op’s GrowMor precision ag program provides quality service and knowledge to help growers get the most out of their farms. Our cooperative has the equipment, people, and the know-how to put precision ag to work on your farm.


All-American Co-op has a full line of floater and row-crop application equipment to apply products to your farm. With these machines, we can apply fertilizer, lime, and other products using variable-rate technology. By making the commitment to continually expand and upgrade our application equipment, we can bring the latest application technology to your farms and meet the increasing demand for custom application. Our agronomy locations have the necessary equipment capable of variable-rate applications to achieve your precision ag goals.


We believe that in order to provide exceptional support, you need to have the right people. All-American Co-op has made this commitment to excellence by hiring dedicated staff to deliver first-rate service to our customers. Our sales agronomists and support staff are trained in the products and programs that help them develop a precision ag program that fits you and your farms. Our custom applicators are professional and trained to ensure the products are applied correctly to each field.

Other Services:

Yield Mapping – Once your yield maps are made, our sales agronomists are happy to review them with you. The maps serve as a valuable resource to help make alterations to your future farm plans to meet the opportunities and challenges in your field. After processing the yield data, we store it and all previous years data on a secure “cloud” based data storage. This gives us the ability to use it to create management zones for fertilizing or variable rate planting on your farm in the future as well as making it accessible to you any time. If you have yield data you need processed, call our agronomists today!

Plant Tissue Sampling – This is an excellent way to see how your fertility program is working. The NutriSolutions Tissue Analysis, which includes a full spectrum of plant nutrient testing, gives you a full report card of your plant’s nutrient health. All samples are tagged with GPS coordinates, allowing for follow-up testing at that exact location if needed.

Nitrate Sampling – This is an important tool we use to monitor the status of applied nitrogen in corn.  Every year, we use nitrate sampling to ensure there is enough nitrogen to sustain your corn throughout the growing season. For growers that use a planned side-dress application of nitrogen, nitrate sampling helps us create a recommendation that is economically and environmentally responsible. Also, if the nitrate samples indicate that a supplemental application of N is necessary to maximize production and profits, we have the row crop application equipment capable of spreading a top-dress application.

R7 and Climate Pro – R7 and Climate Pro are additional programs we use to provide insight to help make the best recommendations for your farms. R7 helps nail-down proper hybrid placement to match the soils in your field, as well as providing in-season imagery to use for scouting and production decisions. Climate Pro is a weather-based modeling program that gives awareness to nutrient and crop health status that allows for production decisions that occur throughout the year. We continue to evaluate, test, and utilize new programs that will bring more value to your farm.

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