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All-American Co-op Summer Internship Info

Thank you to all the students who visited our All-American Co-op booth at these area colleges and universities during our fall career fair schedule. We enjoy visiting with students each year to find the next generation of team members at All-American Co-op!

South Dakota State University
Iowa State University
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
University of Minnesota Food & Animal Networking Event
Northeast Iowa Community College

To apply for a  Summer Internship complete the Online Employment Application.
(Note: In the Job Posting ID please indicate if you are applying for a Feed Internship or Agronomy Internship)

A Valuable Learning Experience

At All-American Co-op, we understand the important role an internship plays. That’s why we promise to challenge you with hands-on experience from which you’ll gain useful career skills. Depending on your internship of choice, you will be:

  • Out in fields scouting
  • Making on-farm visits and talking directly with producers
  • Creating feeds and formulating feed rations
  • Participating in hands-on activities

What is the best part about our internship program? Show us your hard work ethic, and you’ll have the chance to snag a full-time position. Dan Klavetter is a prime example of that! Read about their All-American Co-op internship experiences below.

Not Once, But Twice

Dan Klavetter

Dan Klavetter completed an agronomy internship with All-American Co-op during the summer of 2012, and enjoyed his experience so much that he came back in 2013.

“The reason I went back another year was because I had a such a great experience my first year,” Dan says. “I liked that it was very hands-on. I was able to take what I learned in the classroom and put it to use in the field.”

Dan, who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a degree in crop and soil science, spent those two summers doing various hands-on activities, including treating seed, planting a plot, and scouting fields for weed and insect pressure. He says All-American Co-op made him feel like part of the staff.

“I’ve had other internships, and in this one I didn’t feel micromanaged,” Dan comments. “They put a lot of trust in you, and hold you to a higher standard.”

Today, Dan continues to work for All-American Co-op as a sales agronomist from their Stewartville location. He says his internships solidified his career choice and made him realize he truly does appreciate agronomy. Here you can read more about move in cleaning in Jupiter, FL.

“I have a passion for agriculture, and it’s what I enjoy being around,” Dan mentions.

So why does he continue to enjoy working at All-American Co-op? “It’s the people,” Dan states. “They are a great group to work with.”

Agronomy Tech Sponsorship Program through Ridgewater College

Do you enjoy working outside? Would you like some of your school costs to be covered? Do you want a full-time job to be waiting for you upon graduation? If you answered yes to any or all those questions, consider our Agronomy Tech Sponsorship Program.

This program will help you attend the agronomy tech program at Ridgewater College. All-American Co-op will help pay for some of your schooling. If you successfully complete the program, a full-time custom applicator job will be waiting for you at All-American Co-op. This program is a great opportunity.

Click here for program details.

Aaron Nicklay and Nate Schwanke, past program participants, know all about it!

Aaron Nicklay

Aaron NicklayCompleted the program in 2000

“Every day I’m at work, I get to be out in the field enjoying nature,” Aaron says. “There are days when I get to see awesome, abundant wildlife. I’ve enjoyed every year I’ve worked for All American, and I bet I’ll enjoy the next 20 years as well!”

Nate Schwanke

Nate Schwanke Completed the program in 2006

“It was nice not having to worry about a job after graduation,” Nate comments. “It’s a good choice, especially if you enjoy farming and agriculture. I liked the experience I had at Ridgewater, and I’d do it again. I enjoy my full-time job, and I like the growers we work with.”


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