2017 Food Drive

Nichol Arndorfer, Food Drive Chair and Central Feed Orders Coordinator (507) 533-4222

For the past 4 years, All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center has organized an annual food drive to support families in need within our local communities.  I am pleased to say that we have increased our donations every year, and I am hoping to be able to do this again in 2017. 

In 2013; the inaugural year of our food drive campaign, our employees donated 192# of food to the Channel One Food Bank. In 2014, we added the “Harvest for Hunger” cash donation option to our campaign. We increased our food donations to 375# of food and a $150 cash donation from employees and producers. In 2015 we displayed cash donation boxes at our five full-time locations requesting food or cash donations to support our food drive campaign. I was honored to be able to present 575# of food and $566.50 to five area food shelves in addition to the Channel One Food Bank.   In 2016, we collected 726# of food and $1,375.43 in cash donations.  The Board of Directors generously increased the donations by $2,000.  Through a program the Land O Lakes Foundation offers, we were then able to match our $3,375 cash donation.  This made our total donation $6,750.43.  We asked Channel One to divide this donation between six of our area food shelves.

This year we will again be collecting food and cash donations.  Thanks to the generosity of our Board of Directors at All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center, we will again have the match of cash and food donations up to $2000.  We will once again keep all food donated within the communities that we do business in. 

I realize that times are difficult throughout the entire Agricultural Community right now.  I feel that this is even more of a reason to reach out to help those in need.  According to the Channel One website, in Minnesota 1 in 10 people struggle with hunger and may not know where they will find their next meal.  That number includes 1 in 5 children who may not have enough to eat. Channel One can turn our cash donations into many meals for families in need in the communities that we live and work in. According to the Channel One website, a $1 donation can generate enough food for at least 4 meals.  If All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center donates $1,000, Channel One can turn that $1,000 into 4,000 meals for families in need right here in SE Minnesota.   Please take some time to consider donating either cash or canned goods.  Every donation helps.

This year’s food drive will begin mid-October, and run thru the end of November.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at (507)533-4222 or e-mail me at  Thank you for your support!

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