2017 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshops


Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification

For all applicators who apply restricted use pesticides to their own land or sites for the production of agricultural commodities. All persons who apply Restricted Use Pesticides must be certified at the time of application. If your Private Applicator License expires on March 1, 2017, you can recertify by attending a workshop in January and February of 2017 or by retesting by taking either the on-line or mail-in exam. If you are not a currently Certified Private Applicator you must certify by taking either the on-line or mail-in exam.

Certification, Recertification and Exams

  • 2017 Private Pesticide Recertification Workshops are scheduled for January and February 2017.
  • 2017 Private Pesticide Online Exam for new certification and recertification of private pesticide applicators. The 2017 exam will open about mid-January.
  • 2017 Private Pesticide Mail-in Exam for new certification and recertification – 2017 test packets and manuals are available at most local Extension county offices.

Private Pesticide Study Manual

  • You must use the 19th edition of the study manual (published January 2012 or reprinted January 2015) for the 2017 mail-in or online exams.
  • The Private pesticide applicator study manual is available:
    • For purchase at Local County extension Offices
    • For purchase from U of MN bookstore page
    • For free download as a PDF electronic file

How do I check my certification status?

To check your certification number, status and expiration date, go online to the MDA’s Private Pesticide Applicator Search page: 

  • Private Pesticide Applicator SearchMN Dept. of Ag. Fill in your information, scroll down and click on “view” for your certification status information.
  • Or call the MDA at 651-201-6615.

Private Applicator Fumigation

  • The Private Applicator Fumigation Endorsement has been renamed as of January 1, 2013 as Private Applicator Stored Grain and Fumigation Endorsement and is required for applying all RUP fumigants (other than soil fumigants) to your land or sites in the production of an agricultural commodity.
  • If you currently hold the Private Fumigation Endorsement, nothing changes except the endorsement name change and you may no longer apply soil fumigants.
  • Your Private Stored Grain and Fumigation Endorsement will continue until your Private Certification expires.
  • A Private Applicator Soil Fumigation Endorsement is required before applying any soil fumigant in 2017 on your land or sites for production of an agricultural commodity.
  • For more information about new EPA soil fumigation requirements for safety, training and label directions see the New Safety Measures for Soil Fumigant Pesticides Fumigation MN Dept. of Ag. web page.
  • You must be a currently certified as a Private Pesticide Applicator to hold either the Private Stored Grain and Fumigation Endorsement or the new Private Soil Fumigation Endorsement.
  • Private Applicator Fumigation Endorsement for 2012 is no longer available.



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