Agronomy Center Ready for Spring

Have you been following the progress?

All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center is very excited for Spring 2018 to get here. Spring is always an exciting time of year for our employees and our customers. After what seems to have been a very long winter, we finally get to put all of the planning we have been working on all winter into action. Spring 2018 is going to be a especially exciting due to the addition of our new Agronomy Center in Elgin, MN. 

We have been sharing the construction progress on our website, Facebook, and YouTube channel since the ground breaking in July 2017. 

If you want to see the succession of this construction from the beginning, you will find weekly drone videos on the All American Co-op YouTube page.

As of March 1st we have received our first loads of fertilizer and the test on the receiving equipment passed. We will continue to test equipment over the upcoming weeks and we plan on being fully operational and ready for the spring fertilizer season. 

Keep checking back at for updates and info about the new agronomy center.

Thank you for your business and your support. We are proud to serve our customers, bringing each of you the added value you expect from your local co-op.


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