All American Coop Flooded Grain Policy 2016

All American Coop Flooded Grain Policy.

Posted: Sept 29, 2016

The U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued an alert stating that corn or soybeans exposed to flood waters are considered adulterated and should not enter the human or animal food/feed stream.

All American Coop will not accept any grain that has been exposed to flood waters because every bushel we originate is destined to be in the food or feed ingredient final market.

Any customer that knowingly delivers grain exposed to flood water will be responsible for all costs associated with the disposal of said grain.  We will reject any loads of grain that have signs of flooding.

If you have concerns of whether your beans have been or may have been affected by the recent flooding please contact the FDA for guidance as to how to handle and or dispose of your “flooded” soybeans. 

Contacts:     Susan Seefeld, FDA Minneapolis District Office

                    Phone: (612) 758 – 7130

                      E-Mail: Susan.Seefeld@FDA.HHS.ORG


                    Ben Miller, PhD, Director Food & Feed Safety Division

         Phone: (651) 201-6027                                        


          Weblink to USDA Support 

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