Are you Ready


Are You Ready?
Posted on November 13, 2015 by ktbrown1

It crazy to think that one year ago we had snow on the ground. With the rain this week all I could think is I am glad it is not snow – I have a few outside things I would like to finish before any white stuff arrives. Here are a few reminders to help prepare for the months ahead.

  • Calf Jackets 
    Do you have enough? Are they clean? Check the straps incase repairs are needed.
  • Thermometer
    Check milk temp before feeding and at the last calf you feed. It is best to have milk fed at about 100-105 degrees. I also like a thermometer near the calves hutches or stalls so you can see how much stress they are due to weather.
  • Bedding
    Time to ensure you have a deep bed pack (preferably straw) for calves to nestle into and keep warm.
  • Nutrition
    During cold weather it takes more calories for calves to stay warm which can slow their growth of they do not have enough. Consider feeding a higher plane of nutrition to keep calves growing even during cold stress.
  • Warming Box
    All farms have different ways of drying and warming new born calves, the most important thing is to keep them Clean and Sanitized!
  • Water
    Water is still very important to feed to calves during the cold weather. If at all possible feed warm water to help them stay warm.
  • You
    As the weather becomes cold don’t forget to take care of yourself and employees. Take breaks to warm up and watch out for slippery spots.

    Hopefully we do not see the white stuff for awhile longer, but I hope that this helps you prepare.

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