Ask About Direct Deposit


Ask us about direct deposit of
your grain checks to your bank account!


Contact Teresa Baker, Grain Accountant

today to get enrolled!


To qualify for Direct Deposit you must be Lien Free.

To Enroll for Direct Deposit we need ALL of the following:

  1. Name of Bank to send deposit to

  2. Routing number of Bank to send deposit to

  3. Account number to deposit check to

  4. Type of account (Checking or Savings) to deposit check to


    Funds will show as deposited in your bank account the next
    Federal BANKING DAY after settlement if
    settled before 4:00 p.m.



    Settled Monday before 4:00 p.m…Deposit shows at bank on Tuesday

    Settled Monday before 4:00 p.m…Tuesday Holiday…At bank on Wednesday

    Settled Friday before 4:00 p.m….Deposit shows at bank on Monday

    Settled Friday before 4:00 p.m…Monday Holiday…At bank on Tuesday


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