Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now. Pay Later.

Now’s the perfect time to purchase crop protection products from All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center. The best deals of the season are available now using special financing packages from John Deere Financial.

Hurry, the following offer ends 03/31/2018:

• Use your Multi-Use Account to make an eligible purchase of crop protection

• Receive Fixed 0% A.P.R.

• Minimum purchase required

• Payment due in full December 2018

Put your purchasing power to work at All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center. We’ve got the finance options you need to keep your operation moving forward.

For more information, call your local Progressive Ag Center agronomist. Let us help you find the program that best fits your needs.


Why Use John Deere Multi-Use or Why Not?

  1. “They don’t understand my business” John Deere Financial Multi-Use has an office in Madison, WI and its headquarters located in Johnston, IA. Our business is serving rural America, primarily farmers. We don’t want to do business in metropolitan areas.
  2. “They Multi-Use is more expensive” The interest rate on the Regular Multi-Use credit line is about 3% less than a merchant’s in-house charge and usually much cheaper than a bank card. The interest rate for Ag Preferred Customers crop input purchases is almost always less than an operating loan.
  3. “It’s hard to get credit” Farmers can get up to $120,000 total, Regular & Special Terms, by completing a simple application. If you can get a MC or Visa card, you should be able to get a Multi-Use Account.
  4. “I already have an operating loan” Ideally, farmers should have both a robust operating line of credit and a substantial line of credit with our Multi-Use product. They fill two different needs. The Multi-Use line of credit is unsecured, convenient, revolving and offers several low rate sponsored sales finance programs. An Operating loan is a larger, secured line of credit, linked to specific production year subject to review and must be paid in full as well as renewed each year. It is better to have an additional source of credit and not need it than need it and not have it.
  5. “I always pay my bills, why should I have to go on John Deere Financial Multi-Use?” This will not change your behavior at all. Continue to pay off your account each month and accrue no interest or make a minimum required payment and revolve. But no, ‘good-pay” customers are supporting the habits of the ‘slow pay” customer. All the extra energy and time from your merchant goes into collecting and managing the slower pay customers. With Multi-Use, the playing field is not leveled, you continue your good habits and the slower customers can now revolve, pay in full or loose their buying power.
  6. “My merchant doesn’t need to use Multi-Use” Your merchants have an operating loan to pay for inventory so they can get the bust deal. Then they sell it to their customers and wait to get paid on average about 60 days. So basically they double finance most of their inventory for a period of time. You are a business person, how long do you wait to get paid for the grain you sell-A day, a week, a month or two? What would you do if this were your business?
  7. “I like doing things the way I always have, I don’t like change” Times have changed. Everybody carries credit cards, everybody has cell phones, equipment is not fitted with GPS systems, crops are genetically enhanced, everybody has computers, there is more technology in our kids’ iPhone than on the first moon flight. Ag merchants are no longer a source of crop input financing for farmers.
  8. “I don’t need another credit card” There is no card to carry with the John Deere Financial Multi-Use account. There is no expiration date either. As long as you use your account at merchants who accept it a few times a year it will remain active. For accounts with credit limits of over $300,000 we may ask for an updated sheet occasionally.
  9. Do you sell my information?” Absolutely not. First, we are bound by a whole host of privacy laws. Second, as the oldest and most stable Ag based corporation on the plant, everybody want our customer list, that will never happen.
  10. What happened when times get tough” That is a great questions? John Deere Financial was the only Ag lender to stick with their customers in the eighties. We are the only lander who proactively sends out Disaster Relief letters to ‘good-pay” customers. We will never abandon you. 
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