Change Offers Opportunity

Jon Schmitz, Agronomy Sales Manager (507) 434-0016

Benjamin Franklin has been quoted as saying, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  With April 17th closing in,  we certainly know that there is a whole lot of truth to that and we all know that at some point our life here on earth will end.  However, another certainty that is evident more and more is the certainty of change.

All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center has a lot of changes happening within its organization.  Some of these changes are internal and happen all the time in the course of normal business functions. You wouldn’t even know they are happening.  However there are other changes that you have already noticed or will notice in the coming weeks and months.  One change that seems to be occurring on a more regular basis is the changing faces of All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center.  We have added several new sales staff to our Agronomy Team this year and have another great group of Interns that will be joining us this summer to assist us in crop scouting, seed deliveries, sales efforts, and other daily tasks that come up on a regular basis.

In addition to new faces on the sales team you may also see many new faces on the operations side of our business.  We have hired new applicators, truck drivers and other personnel who all play a key role in getting our products out the door and on the ground to service you in a timely fashion.

One of the biggest changes occurring here is the addition of the new dry fertilizer plant in Elgin.  We are excited to have this new facility which will offer capacity and efficiency that we have not had in the past.  This new plant will be servicing our customers that were previously serviced out of Plainview and St Charles.

All of these changes offer opportunities for us but a crucial part of bringing it all together is communication between you and your agronomist.  As mentioned in other articles in this newsletter the groundwork you have laid in putting together a farm plan is critical in making sure we know where and what is to be applied to your ground in season.  This allows us to communicate to our operations staff where fields are located, where to deliver starter, what crops may be surrounding a particular field, and other details that help tremendously in making our days run smoothly.   With a well laid plan, a change can be easily communicated with a phone call.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.  We thank you for your business and continued trust in us.  Have a safe and successful spring.

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