COVID-19 Assistance Available in Wabasha County and Winona County

The Southeastern Minnesota Multi-County Housing & Redevelopment  Authority  (SEMMCHRA) has asked us to help spread the word regarding programs available in Wabasha County and Winona County to help businesses and homeowners/renters who have been affected by Covid-19.

The SEMMCHRA website has a description of both programs/applications. Brief explanations and links/contact information are below.

If small businesses (ag/farming qualify) or homeowners/renters have a verifiable reason for being negatively impacted by COVID-19 and can show an economic hardship they may qualify for grant money – no payback, no strings attached.

SEMMCHRA has tried to make this application as simple as possible and not overly burdensome – answer some questions and submit receipts – for example, rent/mortgage and utilities are eligible.  They must have adequate documentation that can be verified by State/Federal auditors.

If businesses or homeowners/renters don’t apply and get awarded these dollars this fall, the money will go back to the State/Federal pots.  SEMMCHRA would like to have these dollars assist Wabasha and/or Winona County residents!

APPLY NOW – Funds available on a first come first service basis for up to $5,000 for homeowners/renters and $10,000 for small businesses.





CONTACT:  Amy Gusa or 651-565-2638 x 222

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