Follow Thru with Robust Weed Control

Follow Through with Robust Weed Control Program
Jon Schmitz, Agronomy Sales Manager (507) 434-0016

If the dandelion population this year is any indication of what our weed pressure is going to be like in our corn and soybean fields then it looks like we will be in for a battle.  I don’t recall a year in the recent past where I have seen so many dandelions blooming in yards.  You can certainly tell which homeowners have laid the foundation for a lush lawn and which have not.  As the season progresses the same will hold true in our row crop fields.   Fortunately our agronomy staff has laid the groundwork by recommending robust weed control programs to combat the weed pressure (particularly Giant ragweed and waterhemp) we have seen in the past and will likely see in the short and long term. 

Until recent rains we have had a good run which has allowed us to get a lot of pre-emerge herbicides on your fields which is a great start to a solid weed control program.  There may be some corn and soybean fields that have missed the opportunity for a pre-emerge herbicide but all is not lost.  There are still options available to set the stage for a clean field.  Talk to our agronomy staff and your location and they would be happy to help. 

Although many pre-emerge herbicides will keep your fields looking clean going into early summer it is important to continue with a post emerge herbicide application and in many cases another layered residual herbicide to keep your fields clean.   Waterhemp will continue to germinate into August and sequential herbicide applications are critical to keeping this weed under control throughout the season and reduce the potential for weed resistance. 

We may have gotten a bit of a late start with the planting season but for the most part this crop has been planted into some pretty good soil conditions and looks to have gotten off to a very good start.  Let’s give it every opportunity to thrive by doing our part on the weed control.  Hopefully mother nature will cooperate and bless us with a bountiful crop this fall. 

Thank you for your continued patronage of All American Co-op and Progressive Ag Center LLC.    

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