From the Seed Shed

From the Seed Shed

Larry Veith, Seed Specialist (507) 923-5628

Barring any natural disasters, the 2015 corn and soybean crop appears to be perhaps the best overall crop we have seen in some time. Weather certainly has been a major factor in contributing to an almost ideal growing season. Temperatures have been fairly moderate for the most part, and rainfall has been adequate to the point that Minnesota is no longer considered under any sort of drought or moisture shortage by the US Drought Monitor. For all of this, we should be truly thankful.

In all honesty, although weather is a key component of determining the final yields and grain quality, you and the seed and agronomy departments have also been a key contributing factor in getting to this point. We have all worked together as a team, and in doing so have set ourselves up for a hopefully bountiful harvest. Proper fertility, herbicide and fungicide programs, along with choosing the appropriate hybrids, traits and placement have put us in a position to reap the rewards of successful teamwork. Let’s continue to work together to finish this season in a most positive way and begin to plan ahead for next year.

We at All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center, LLC truly thank you for your support. We will continue to do the little things necessary to keep you successful in your efforts to make this year and every year a prosperous one.

Answer Plot- General Session

The final Answer Plot session will be held WEDNESDAY, September 2nd from 10:00am-NOON. Although Highway 42 is under construction, we have been assured by the highway department that we will ALWAYS have access to the Answer Plot. Please mark your calendars for that day. The Winfield/Croplan crew has worked extremely hard this summer to make sure we have the latest and best agronomic information and data the Ag Industry has to offer in their efforts to keep you the best, most informed farmers.

Please take advantage of what they have to offer.

Be safe again this fall during the harvest season, and we in the seed department look forward to seeing you in the field. Don’t hesitate to call for assistance in yield checks. Gathering data regarding performance should be a top priority this fall. It will and should go a long way in helping the decision making process of hybrid selection easier.


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