Harvest Both Crops Data This Fall

Gary Suess, Precision Ag Specialist (507) 273-7043

As we are entering the later part of summer, it’s also time to remember that harvest time will be upon us shortly.  It wasn’t long ago the focus was on getting the crops planted, fertilized, and sprayed.  Hopefully the hard work will pay off with good yields this fall.

As you start preparing your equipment for the fall harvest, don’t forget to spend some time making sure your yield monitors and other Precision Ag equipment is up-to-date and ready to go as well.  This is a great opportunity to spend some time reviewing the yield monitor owner’s manual to refresh your memory on the operating instructions.   Unfortunately, every year we encounter a situation where yield data was lost or not recorded due to an incorrect monitor setting. 

A couple items to keep in mind when preparing you monitors for fall harvest:

  • Make sure the firmware is updated to the most current version on all your displays.  With the Precision Ag platforms and wireless data transfer being used today, it is crucial that all equipment be updated to the most current to make sure everything is communicating properly.  This can alleviate frustrating downtime trying to diagnose software problems when you could be harvesting.
  • Export any old existing data. This helps keep your new data clean and organized.  If you have several years of data stored on your monitor, it can affect the speed and performance of the monitor.
  • Make sure your field setup configurations and boundaries are correct and uploaded to your display if you are using a field locator on your monitor.  Add or delete any fields at this time as needed. This helps place your harvest data in its respective field so you don’t have to manually change the display as you move from field to field.
  • Create a new season in your display. If harvest is the only function you use your display for, it is likely a new season will be needed.

If you have yield data this fall and need yield maps made, please let us know.  We’d be happy to do this for you.  Also, if you’ve tried some different trials in your fields this year (fungicides, micronutrients, foliar applications, etc.), we can use the yield data to compare which treatments were most effective for you. If you have any questions about this, just let us know and we can discuss different ways we can help you.

Now is also a great time to talk with your All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center agronomist to place orders for fall grid soil sampling.  Grid sampling has consistently proven to be one of the most valuable management tools to make your farm more productive and efficient.  Fall is a great time to get a head start on next season’s crop by applying variable rate lime and fertilizer.  Grid sampling is the tool that allows you to maximize your investment in these inputs.  If you have any questions about getting your fields lined up for fall grid sampling, please contact your local All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center agronomist.

As we continue through summer and start to think about the fall harvest, take some time to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.  Before long, we’ll all be busy in the fields bringing in another harvest.  If you have any agronomy or Precision Ag needs this summer or fall, please contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.


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