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Feed Department News: Join the Ag Team!

Brent Vorpagel, Feed Department Manager (507) 533-4222


Over the last few years your coop has invested a fair amount of time and money in trying to recruit good talent to join the All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center Team.  It has become very clear that the competition for good hard working talent is extremely tough and getting tougher.  We are blessed in Southeast Minnesota with a very strong economy that is constantly looking for employees.  For those of us trying to hire that talent we are learning quickly just how much demand there is for that talent.  This reveals the need for all of us to reach out to the younger generation to help show them the opportunities that are available in agriculture.  


Too often people believe that the only job in agriculture is farming and there are less farmers than there used to be therefore there are no jobs in agriculture.  This concept couldn’t be further from the truth.  Traditional farmers are 10% of the total Ag industry.  Advancements in agricultural technologies offer endless career options in agriculture.  I don’t even know how to list all the options out there for careers in Agriculture.  Here are the top 10 career areas in Agriculture.

  • Food Science

  • Veterinarian

  • Farm Workers and Laborers

  • Horticulturalist

  • Equipment Operators

  • Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks

  • Truck Drivers

  • Food Packers and Packagers

  • Agribusiness Management

  • Agricultural and Natural Resources Communications

I find the diversity of this list interesting. There is such a variety of types of jobs, education requirements, skill sets, and working environment represented here.  Secondly, I find it worth noting that there is no geographical limits to these jobs.  You could live anywhere in this country or even the world and find these agricultural careers.  Third, I find it worth noting that local Cooperatives such as All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center offer employment opportunities in almost every one of these career areas.

 We are all part of the Ag community. As producers and service providers it is our responsibility to take advantage of an opportunity to encourage all students to consider where their future will be. I ask you to help me in spreading the word that Agriculture is hiring and we have a lot to offer.

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