New Facilities and Improvements Happening

New Dry Fertilizer Plant

We started moving ground July 17, 2017 for the new dry fertilizer plant. We are extremely excited about this new plant and what this will mean for area patrons. This is a much needed project.
Here are some details:

·        Plant:     12,000 ton Stueve built plant
·        Tower: 250 ton Waconia Tower
·        Mixing Speed: Up to 250 ton per hour
·        Receiving Speed: Up to 250 ton per hour
·        Automaton: Kahler 5000 System

Our goal is to have our new plant ready for the spring 2018 season. Future planning goals will be to move more of our different areas of operations to the new site. This site is built for with future of All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center in mind. We will keep our patrons up to date of our progress. Please watch for future updates here in our Cooperative Link as well as our bi-monthly e-news as well as our company Facebook page.

Elgin Grain North Bean Dump

We have increased our soybean dumping capacity to 10,000 bushels per hour. We rebuilt our receiving pit and added a New 10,000 bph leg and a new 10,000 bph receiving conveyors. This will greatly improve our soybean dumping capacity at Elgin. This project is near completion.

Big Grain Addition at Elgin

Construction is well underway for a new 1 Million bushel bin to be added at Elgin. This bin is being constructed just north of Elgin’s first million bushel bin. Receiving to the new bin will be 50,000 bph. Receiving is planned for 10,000 bph. Some other interesting specs of the bin.

  • The diameter of the bin is 135 feet
  • The estimated amount of concrete needed is 1,128 yards of concrete
  • The steel for the bin took approximately 10 semi loads with approximately 3 semi loads of re-rod

Completion date is expected to be September 15th, 2017

Feed Mill Update

We have completed the addition of a Fine Ground Corn bin for our feed mill at Stewartville. This 145 ton bin receives fine ground corn directly from the roller mill. The project is automated to stop the roller mill, leg, and conveyor when full. The automation will start the roller mill, leg, and conveyor when bin has room. This will help with feed production efficiency by not having to run the fine ground corn through the main mixing system. This project was completed July 10, 2017. 

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