No Treated Seed

No Treated Soybeans!
Glenn Lutteke, General Manager

I cannot emphasize more strongly that growers must have dedicated equipment for treated seed; I am talking about trailers, wagons, trucks, or any other equipment you may use for your seed this spring. We must never, ever use these dedicated seed equipment’s to haul grain. The risk to you as a grower and to the co-op is extremely high. One should never risk using this dedicated seed equipment. All it takes is one treated soybean in a load to reject that load. You would be held responsible for any bin that treated soybean would be transferred to for storage.

Here is an example: The largest bin at All American Co-op holds 150,000 bushels. If you deliver a load of soybeans that has one contaminated bean in it, and that one bean reaches that 150,000 bushel bin; you, the grower that delivered that contaminated load of soybeans, would be responsible for all 150,000 bushels x today’s price. Using today’s price of $8.30 that would calculate to the amount of $1,245,000; plus clean up, disposal, and any compromised contract concerns. This is only an example. This is not a conversation I want to have with anybody. Your co-op does not want to ever face this situation, and you do not want the problem either. Please use dedicated equipment for your treated seed and NEVER haul any grain with that dedicated equipment. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me. 

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