Notes from the Seed Shed: Reminders for Spring 2019

By Nicole Rowley
Office Manager/Seed Program Specialist

In the coming weeks, your seed salesperson should have hopefully contacted you regarding spring seed deliveries. If you typically pick up your seed from the Stewartville location, please contact Brent Lunning at 507-951-8384 or Jared Tabor at 507-251-3914. If you typically pick up your seed at the St. Charles location, please contact Larry Veith at 507-923-5628. Please note—our St. Charles location will have minimal staffing this spring. Please make arrangements if you plan on picking up seed this spring.
Here are a few reminders from the seed team:

Seed Treatment
Our beans are custom treated in our Stewartville location. Please contact Brent Lunning in advance to get your beans treated. We have a lot of beans being treated and delivered in a short amount of time. Any extra time put in to planning will help the season go as smooth as possible.

Billing Questions
Please contact Nicole Rowley at 507-533-4222 for any questions you have regarding seed that has been billed to your regular account or billed off of prepay.

Corn Return Date
While All American Co-op would like your unused seed returned to us as soon as possible, we realize there is other work to be done. We need all unopened bags of seed returned to us by June 10 to allow us to meet our return deadlines. We can only accept undamaged bags. If there are any tears in the bag, even if it is taped, we cannot accept them as a return.

Soybean Return Date
Any remaining bags of untreated soybeans need to be returned by June 25. In addition, please note, we cannot accept returns on treated soybeans of any kind.

Seed Pallets/Seed Boxes
Seed pallets and boxes are billed on a “deferred term”—meaning payment for them is not due until June 15. To avoid having to pay for these items, and getting credited back later, please return pallets and boxes or contact your seed salesperson to arrange for pickup by June 15.

Seed Prepay
Any remaining seed prepay on your account will be rolled to your regular account before the end of June. This is typically done before June 15 so that any funds can be used to pay charges owed to the co-op.

Technology/Stewardship Agreements
Your seed salesperson or Nicole Rowley may be contacting you about getting a technology or stewardship agreement signed. Please sign the agreement and get it back to us as soon as possible. These agreements are what allows All American Co-op to continue selling you the products we currently offer. Any requested technology agreements need to be back to Nicole Rowley in the Stewartville office by June 15.

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