Our Summer Interns are Valuable

Our Summer Interns Are Valuable
Jon Schmitz, Agronomy Sales Manager (507) 434-0016

Interns are an important part of our summer and seasonal workforce here at All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center.  Every year we hire 3-4 college students to assist with our spring and summer needs.  They have a broad range of duties and responsibilities from helping with seed treatment and deliveries to scouting fields for weed and disease pressure, to putting up field signs, and selling and coordinating fungicide applications.  The list of duties can be as endless as the possibilities.  Although these students are with us for a very short time during the year they bring a tremendous amount of value to our organization beyond just the everyday, sometimes mundane, duties that we assign them. 

We have been hiring college age interns at All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center for as long as I can remember but more and more it seems that colleges, employers, and even the students themselves are putting more emphasis on the experience that an internship offers all the stakeholders involved.  For All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center it is a means for us to get exposure to local students who may have an interest in coming back to their home stomping grounds and working for a local business.  It is also critical in filling some roles that would otherwise go left unfilled and create a gap and more work for our agronomy staff in an already very busy spring and summer.    For the students, it is a means to fulfill a graduation requirement, gain valuable experience for future opportunities, network with others in the agriculture industry, and not to mention, make some money to pay for that all important education.    

This year we had an exceptional group of students with a broad range of backgrounds.  Each of them brought their own set of talents, abilities, and backgrounds to our organization and each of them offer a unique perspective from each of their experiences.  It is rewarding to see how each of them have grown in their summer experience from the time I interviewed them for the position to where they are at today. 

Finding talented individuals for our summer internship program takes time and effort and begins now for next year’s summer help.  Some of our best recruiting efforts come from the experience that we can offer our current interns and hope that they are excited enough to share some of their positive experience with students they may know who would want to join us next year.  In order to continue to recruit local, top notch students we need to be sure we are providing positive and meaningful opportunities for those students.   The best way to know that we are offering that experience to our interns is to solicit their input and we have done that over the last couple of years.  Many positive changes have resulted from the feedback we have received from some of our past intern groups.

As our interns wrap up their time with us in the coming weeks I would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to share their time and talents with us this summer.  I would also like to thank them for the feedback they give us in order to continue to improve our program.   As much as each of them has expressed their gratitude in working with All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center, I have to say that we too have enjoyed having them with us for the summer.  I would also like to thank many of the producers who have invested time and effort in helping our interns with their summer projects and learning objectives.  Without your support their experience would not be possible. 

On behalf of All of us at All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center I would like to wish all of our Intern’s much success as they continue their education and begin their careers in the near future.

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