Results from Corn Silage Burn Down 8/30/19

Our first Burn Down Day held at our Elgin Agronomy Center on Friday, August 30th resulted in 72 samples tested for whole plant moisture.  Moistures ranged from 67% – 77% with an average of 72.7%.  To mimic actual field harvesting conditions you should add 2-3 points on to these numbers. It appears we are a good 2-3 weeks away from harvest on the wetter samples assuming an average dry down rate of 0.5% per day.  It was noticed that the stalks seem to be ahead of the ears in maturity this year, so waiting for half milk line in the kernels may be too late for optimum harvest moisture.  Our second Burn Down Day will be on Tuesday, September 10th in Stewartville.  This should be an ideal time to get a handle on when to begin harvesting this year’s corn silage.

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