Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System

Jon Schmitz, Agronomy Sales Manager (507) 434-0016

One of the buzz topics in the crop protection scope for the past couple of years has been Xtend soybeans and the ability to apply dicamba based products on these soybean acres.   The excitement of some new tools to control some problematic weeds in soybeans has been met with trepidation when faced with the reality of the application label requirements as well as the realization of the sensitivity of neighboring crops and potential for off target movement of dicamba. 

Because of the sensitivity that dicamba has to non-crop areas and sensitive crops, label requirements have very specific parameters for application.  Some of those include: 

  1. Specific nozzle approved by manufacturer
  2. Approved tank mix options updated regularly on website
  3. Use of a DRA (Drift Reduction Agent) when tank mixing specific products
  4. DO NOT spray if wind is blowing toward neighboring sensitive crops
  5. Leave 110 foot downwind buffer to non-crop areas (this includes road ditches)
  6. Only spray when wind is between 3-10 MPH
  7. DO NOT apply when temperature inversions exist at field level
  8. Only apply from sunrise to sunset
  9. Apply at a 15 MPH or less
  10. Record application parameters and tank cleanout
  11. Keep boom at 24 inches or less
  12. Spray volume of greater than 10 GPA.Recommendation is at least 15 GPA
  13. In Minnesota do not apply after June 20th
  14. Do not apply if air temperature is over 85 degrees

Always Read and Follow Label Directions. 

As you can see there are many restrictions to these dicamba labels that will make it more difficult to manage than some of our other crop protection options. In addition, the dicamba products are restricted use and anyone applying these products, including private applicators, will need to have specific training before applying any of these products.  Training is sponsored by the manufacturers and one training session will cover all dicamba products for Xtend soybeans.  The list of available training options are on the MCPR website.

If you are considering utilizing dicamba chemistry on your soybean acres and are expecting All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center to custom apply any of these products for you, it is important that you communicate this with your agronomist well in advance so that we can plan the best approach for managing this technology.  There may be situations where utilizing these products is not in yours or the co-op’ best interest. It is critical to know about those situations ahead of time so we can plan alternative herbicide options. 

Negative publicity over the past few years has heightened the awareness of the Xtend system.  Neighbors, Minnesota Department of Ag, and the general public will be scrutinizing the use of this technology more than ever and we need to be diligent in managing it to mitigate the negative impacts it could have.  We need these tools in our arsenal to manage weed resistance.  Let’s be sure to give it the best chance of success. 

Contact your local agronomist TODAY if you are planning to spray dicamba based products on your farm this year. Thank you for your business and for giving this topic the necessary attention now, so that we can all have a safe and productions spring season.

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