Should I Apply Fungicide


Should I Apply Fungicide?
Brian Orth, Location Manager, St Charles (651) 332-1307

Now that we have the crop planted, it’s time to be thinking about applications of fungicide. I know that this seems like this application season is a ways off, but time flies when you are having fun, right?! Here are a few things to consider when making fungicide application decisions.


We have already made educated seed purchase decisions based on soil type, desired seed traits, and seed maturity. All varieties have a disease rating in the seed guide. When trying to decide if it is necessary to make a fungicide application, my first suggestion would be to take the rifle approach, not the shotgun. What I mean would be to take a look at the disease rating of the varieties that you have selected. Maybe there is a hole in a particular variety that could be fixed with an application of a fungicide. Some varieties are more susceptible to disease than others, choosing to treat fields based on varietal characteristics rather than treating every acre is what I would call using the rifle approach. This is a decision that your All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center agronomist can help you with.


Now let’s take a look at the benefits to fungicide applications. Fungicide applications to corn can improve plant health which can help to mitigate drought and cold stress. It also allows you to maximize yield potential, minimize some of your risk, improve stand ability and harvest ability. A healthier plant provides yield benefits too by controlling loss from crop diseases, helping the plants grow more efficiently helping plants tolerate stress.


A targeted rifle approach to varieties that are susceptible to disease or show a response to a fungicide application can increase plant health, stress tolerance, and increase yield. Talk to your All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center agronomist about the various fungicide and application timing choices available to you. Having an educated plan in place now is a proactive approach to late season fungicide applications that will help everyone be prepared when this 

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