Spring Has Sprung, Finally

Stacy Hoffman, Livestock Production Specialist, Purina Animal Nutrition (507) 676-6401

Spring has arrived and with that comes some things that can be easily overlooked.  This can happen into what we call at nutrient gap.  We think that the green grass will take care of our cows as well as our young calves, but there are some things that we need to make sure we are doing to help them prevent the gap.

One of the main things to consider is as we are turning these cows out to fresh grass, even though there seems to be plenty, the short grass that isn’t plentiful doesn’t have enough nutrients to supply a cow that is at her highest nutrient needing time. We also need to remember that by providing them with supplemental feed this also allows to ensure that they are getting all of the vitamins and minerals that they require to nurture that newborn calf.  By using a mineral such as the Wind and Rain 7.5 XPC AV4 with Altosid, this will not only provide the cows with the needed chelated trace minerals of the Availa 4 to ensure a sound breed back and optimum uterine health.  It will also provide the calf as well through the milk with essential trace minerals for immune health. The XPC in the mineral provides us with an opportunity to maintain and promote intestinal gut health as well. This will aid in the cows getting more out of the grass that they are eating.  The final component in there is the Altosid to aid in fly control, this part is very important when dealing with the horn fly that costs the beef industry over $1 billion a year in lost performance.  The Altosid passes through the cow and into the cow pie.  Here it interacts with the larvae of the horn fly and restricts it so that they fly cannot fully develop.

By using the Wind and Rain minerals in conjunction with supplementation on early pastures we can take advantage this spring and help those cows to maintain the needed BCS (Body Condition Score) for breed back.  If this is lost during the first 60 days it is very hard to get that back in time as well as to put on more as many of you know for breeding season.  You can also use the Wind and Rain 4 with Altosid after your breeding period has ended and get the advantage of the Altosid all summer long.  And Remember……it’s weatherized, so when it rains, all of the mineral is intact and doesn’t stick to the bottom of your mineral feeder and end up in the field! 

Mark Werner from our beef team also found a too good to be true method to make a mineral feed for little to no cost.  If you are interested you most likely have everything already at home!!  Give us a shout and we can get you started or help you get it positioned a little easier for your operation today!!  Thank you for your continued business with All American Co-op and Purina Animal Nutrition!!  I look forward to working with you this summer!! 

Happy Beef Month and Dairy Month!!

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