The Crops are planted Now what to do

The crops are planted! Now what to do??
Pete Collins, Agronomy Sales, Stewartville (507) 259-7469


With the next phase of crop production under way (controlling weeds, insects and diseases) our staff receives a lot of questions about all of these topics. That’s great, because that’s a big part of our business. Most producers look to their local agronomist for advice. Growers want to know: What weeds are growing in my fields and how are “we” going to control it? What insect is eating my crop and how do “we” control them? Are there any diseases that “we” need to be worried about and what can be done about it??? I hope, when these questions arise, you take the time to go to the field with your Progressive Ag Center agronomist and look at what “we” are seeing. A lot of times when I have asked a grower if they have a few minutes to go to the field so I can show them what I found, it turns into some very productive time spent in the field. Most of the time it opens up more questions about other issues or opportunities the grower might have. It is great that a lot of our growers trust us to scout their fields and make recommendations based on what we find. But sometimes it’s best to see it for yourself so when the issue arises again, you can help to be another set of eyes in the field for us. We try to cover everything but sometimes it’s impossible to cover every acre in a timely fashion. Personally, I value the “WE” effort that our customers and our entire agronomy team puts forth to help you get the most out of your investment in growing a healthy crop.


Along with time spent in the field with your agronomist, there are quite a few opportunities for hands-on, in the field learning opportunities. All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center partners with the Winfield Answer Plot system. Millions of dollars each year are spent on these plots to provide us with a system to evaluate several different agronomic practices. They include replicated seeding population studies, hybrid and varietal trials, herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide trials, satellite imagery, drone studies and fertility trials just to name a few. Our Answer Plot is located on the north side of Elgin on County 25, .1 miles west of MN-42. There are different sessions throughout the summer for our growers to attend. The first of which will be Monday, June 13 from 10:00 to 12:00 with lunch served after. Another session will be on Friday, August 26 with the time to be determined yet. I would guess it will be from 9:30 or 10:00 to 12:00 like the first session. If you cannot make these sessions at Elgin but would like to attend an Answer Plot session, there are other locations and times available. Friday, August 19 at Claremont and Tuesday, August 23 at Goodhue. There will also be a Forage Day at the Elgin Answer Plot. The date and time are yet to be determined.


Our agronomy team is also planning a Field Day at our Edge Plot along Highway 30 by the Rochester airport. The date and time is yet to be determined but we hope to have it sometime in the latter half of July. Visit our website for updates or subscribe to our bi-monthly E-Newsletter for up to date info.


There are also other opportunities for educational or informative programs this summer. The annual Crop Management Tour hosted by the University of Minnesota Extension will be held on Thursday, July 7 from approximately 9-12:30 at the plots located east of the University Center, Rochester.


Another interesting event is the Forestry Field Day Wednesday, July 27 at the Forestville State Park. The theme this year is “What are our trees worth?” 5:30 supper and program at 6:00. Contact Bill Bailey at 507-272-2256 for more information.


The S.E. MN Bluebird Recovery Program Picnic will be on Saturday, September 17 at the Chatfield United Methodist Church. A potluck will be served at noon. Everyone is welcome. For more information contact Mary Bailey at 507-867-9118.


These are only a few events we know about. Keep checking our website for updates and new opportunities.


As always, call us with questions and for more information about upcoming events to help you grow a better crop. We almost all have cell phones now so put a reminder in your calendar for the events that you want to attend. I certainly have to!!! Thanks for your business and have safe and educational summer.

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