Time to Cover Up

Larry Veith, Seed Sales Specialist (507) 923-5628

               As we begin to prepare for harvesting the 2017 crop and making plans for the 2018 cropping year, it might be a good time to take a step back and consider what is in front of us next year and in the future.

               Anyone who cares to talk about it will openly admit that the spring of 2017 rains caused some of the most severe soil erosion we have seen in many years, and it was not isolated to any one area, it was everywhere. We all can recognize that for whatever reason we may want to pin these events to , rainfalls have becoming increasingly more intense and destructive to our fragile farming ecosystem. Inches of rain falling on tilled soil in minutes is not something we can control, but we can certainly minimize the destructive results, IF we make the effort.

 Unfortunately, it may well go against what we have been doing for generations, and these types of changes are never easy. They will take education, preparation, and a different mindset to be accomplished, but make no mistake. If we as an agricultural industry are not proactive in addressing this problem, someone else, somewhere else may well be making the decision for us and that is not how this situation should be played out. We have the intelligence, technology, and equipment to make these changes. The question is, do we have the desire to do what is best for ourselves, our community, and preserving the most valuable resource we possess (outside of ourselves), the soil?

Take time and ask yourself, “How do I want to leave this soil for the next generation?” Here is a very useful website from the MN Dept of Ag  Another site that I have found useful is

Preparing for Harvest

As you read this, the corn crop will basically be determined, and we will be waiting to see how well the crop “finishes”. From how things look here in mid-July, we will and should be experiencing an overall good crop of corn. For soybeans, it’s still too early to know where we might end up. The one thing to remember is to take notes while combining this fall on such things as standability of the crop, presence of any weed escapes that may be present, and an overall picture of each field and the differences you see field to field.

Many of you have smartphones, so don’t be afraid to snap a picture and send it to us so we have a reference point on correctable situations.

Finally, don’t forget that we as a company are always thankful for your business, and we truly enjoy working to help make sure you are as productive and prosperous as is possible, given the circumstances. We look forward to seeing you soon!   

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