Turn Oxygen Into Milk The silage challenge

Turn Oxygen Into Milk: The silage challenge
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We are kicking off the forage harvest season with some wet humid days as we near the Memorial Day holiday. It isn’t enough to find that perfect window to harvest quality forages, it is also necessary to protect that forage with the appropriate preservative to help ensure that the necessary fermentation is taking place to generate a quality feed product for our herd. Below is some information about our SiloSolve FC product. If you would like more information about any of our preservatives or inoculants, please contact me. I would be happy to come to your farm and visit with you more about your forage quality questions.


Most farmers recognize a significant challenge of silage management during feed out: Heating of silage largely due to growth of yeast and mold. The risk of heating and loss of valuable nutrients may jeopardize milk production with severe economic consequences. Another challenge could be feed shortage, forcing farmers to initiate feed out well before the recommended 90 days of fermentation. A shorter fermentation time is problematic as this will not allow the silage to reach a stable state.


Good silage requires anaerobic conditions

Good management, in all aspects, including use of a quality inoculant and minimizing porosity, is a prerequisite for achieving optimal silage. SiloSolve FC is a completely new silage inoculant that combines the effects of a proven lactic acid bacterial strain, Lactobacillus buchneri, with the unique Lactococcus lactis; this strain has a unique oxygen scavenging ability.


Early feed out – not a problem

As soon as silage is exposed to air during feed out, yeast and mold will use nutrients to grow exponentially, with heat as the end result. Using SiloSolve FC will increase the aerobic stability even after a very short fermentation. Real life farm data show good fermentation and no heating even after only 2 to 8 days of fermentation – so SiloSolve FC is the choice inoculant, if you are faced with feed shortage.            



• Fast growing and competitive lactic acid bacteria that dominate and control the fermentation

• Significantly improved aerobic stability

• Excellent fermentation and aerobic stability obtained even at early feed out

• Oxygen scavenging ability



Targeted Crops for SiloSolve FC include whole crop corn, grasses and alfalfa/grass moistures. SiloSolve FC is particularly effective when there is a risk of fungal growth. SiloSolve FC is unique in feed shortage situations: Chose this product if only a short fermentation time is possible.

 (Information shared thanks to and our Chr Hansen product support team.)

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