Using the R7 Tool to Monitor Crop Progress

Using the R7 Tool to Monitor Crop Progress
Drew Underdahl, Precision Ag Specialist (507) 696-4693

Corn and Soybean planting is mostly complete around SE Minnesota for the 2016 growing season. Soil and weather conditions have been very favorable for getting this crop in the ground but as we all know all too well, the weather can bring many unpredictable events throughout the growing season. The frost that came across the area in Mid-May was an example of what Minnesota weather is capable of. Although the corn should bounce back, there are tools that can be used to monitor plant health during the growing season.  


All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center has partnered with Winfield to incorporate a trial of The R-7 Tool Pro as an in-season management tool. The R7 Tool has the capabilities to produce in-season imagery that will allow the evaluation of the relative crop health in a given field. This is done by satellite images that display NDVI – Normalized Difference Vegetation Index of the plant mass in a field. A, B and C zones can be identified and then evaluated with Tissue Testing through Winfield’s Nutrisolutions Tool, Nitrate testing, and the use of a Green Seeker to validate the NDVI values. Through this process we can provide in-season Nitrogen recommendation’s and diagnosis of low NDVI values that could be caused by nutrient deficiencies, plant diseases and other yield limiting factors that can accrue during the growing season.  

The R7 Tool provides many other management tools that can be very useful for growers and agronomists during the planning stages and in-season management.

  1. The Right Genetics – Local and National Answer Plot and Yield Data along with Rainbow Charts
  2. The Right Soil Type – Imagery of derived Field Variability Maps, Soil Survey Maps and Root Pictures
  3. The Right Planting Population – Response to Population (RTP Scores) and Corn Ear Pictures
  4. The Right Cropping Systems – Response to Continuous Corn (RTCC Scores)
  5. The Right Traits – Performance mapping of response
  6. The Right Plant Nutrition – Response to Nitrogen (RTN Scores) and Nutrisolutions Results
  7. The Right Crop Protection – Response to Fungicide (RTF Scores)

These are just a few of the many ways that the R7 Tool can help equip you and your Progressive Ag Center agronomist to be more successful planning and managing your crops. If you would like more information on the R7 Tool and how it can be applied to your farming operation please feel free to contact me or your Progressive Ag Center agronomist. Thank you for working with All American Co-op and Progressive Ag Center!

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